Human Dignity: Personal and Societal Transformation

dignity-2What we think of ourselves does matter.  If we believe that our nature is less than whole, we will participate in the creation of an unhealthy environment.  If we have the courage to  embrace our true nature of wisdom and compassion a more healthy world will emerge.  We call this basic goodness.



We offer free meditation instruction, talks and discussion to the public  every week, as well as  programs in meditation, Shambhala Buddhist teachings, and other contemplative disciplines. We are family friendly and offer free child care for children 4-12 years old every Sunday morning, 10:00-12:00, so parents can attend our Open House.

Featured Programs

Midsummer Day

June 21st

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with your Shambhala Community Continue »

Monthly Children's Program

June 21st

This month we are part of the Midsummer Day Celebration. NOTE THE TIME: 2:00-3:00PM Continue »

Awakened Heart-Shambhala Training Level IV

with Valerie Morvan

June 26th—June 28th

In Level 4 Shambhala Training, we learn to awaken and open our hearts so we can communicate fully with the world. Prerequisite: Level 3 Continue »

Recent News

  • Brenda Collins

    Face to Face: Brenda Collins

    Hello again from the Atlanta Shambhala Center’s Face to Face series. Our newest interview is with Brenda Collins, an active member of the Atlanta Shambhala community. F2F: How did you first become involved with the Shambhala community? Brenda: I started meditating on a regular basis when I was attending a non-denominational Spiritual community. The Spiritual … Continue 

  • shell


    This is a poem by member Eileen Knaft that she wrote on the occasion of the birthday of her friend.  We hope that you will enjoy.  ………….   Chambers Age is not a number… It is an echo whispering through The chambers of a Nautilus.   Each chamber: a world of its own Yet part … Continue 

  • Fleet Maull

    Radical Responsibility with Acharya Fleet Maull

    March 6th – March 8th at Agnes Scott College in Decatur This provocative weekend program explores mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and how it can bring about authenticity and empowerment in our everyday lives. The program focuses on a variety of mindfulness tools and topics, such as: Emotional Literacy allowing us to have a working relationship with … Continue