A Message from The Working Committee On Health and Well-Being

Dear Members of Atlanta Shambhala,

Presently there are 175 of us distributed far and wide in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. Traffic being what it is, we are endeavoring to create groups of Shambhalians who live near each other to make it possible for us to gather together as people of like mind and practice.

Shambhala has a tradition of organizing into groups determined by locale that began with Chogam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1968 who called them deleks, one meaning of which is remaining beautifully. We have undertaken the creation of deleks using your addresses and we will be contacting you by email or phone so that you can give your permission to be contacted further.

The purpose of gathering in a delek is social and as such the manner in which your delek engages can be devised the way delek members want. Some deleks throughout the Shambhala sangha at large meet regularly to practice, have potlucks, go hiking or bowling together, and for a variety of other reasons. Because people in your delek are those who live closest to you, we hope that you will offer support to each other in terms of assistance in times of illness and in times of need.

To get this started we will contact one person from each delek and give that person a list of its members. This person will contact you by phone or email after the holidays and ask about your interest in being part of the group. We hope that you will arrange to meet together and begin the process of getting to know one another and determine how you wish to engage.

There are 17 groups right now and we know that we have undoubtedly done an imperfect job of it, thus, we are looking forward to a lot of feedback. But in our imperfect way, we have begun. We can see that more than ever, it is up to each of us to take our seat in an enlightened society and that means forging relationships. Let’s have a good time doing it.

Yours in the sangha and with much love,

The Working Committee on Health and Well-Being

Norma Harris

Laura McNulty

Annie Price


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8 thoughts on “A Message from The Working Committee On Health and Well-Being

  1. Please put me on your list. East Point/Historic College Park/Woodward Academy area. I believe you have my email…but not sure I have seen anything about this. I remember when we talked about it in a meeting quite some time ago, but I don’t get to the center much due to traffic….so glad to see it is unfolding and forming out. 🙂

  2. I attended the temple for about 3 years, and am now starting to attend meditation sessions again.

    Please let me know about any activities

    • Hi Brenda, I’m so glad you’re coming back to the Atlanta Shambhala Center. The deleks are being formed from our members’ list. Would you like to become a member? You can call me, Sally Larrick 203 214-8595, to talk about it. I’m the Membership Chair. Thanks!

  3. Hello Sally and Norma,
    I have spoken to you, Sally, regarding other interests at Shambhala and am very much wanting to get involved with the deleks.
    I am gay and live in Woodstock, GA. I feel somewhat isolated from both the Buddhist community as well as the gay community. I’d love to meet more people in my area and be able to share my Buddhist beliefs and meditation practice.
    Please be sure my email address and name appear on your contact list or you can contact me at 678-427-2220.

  4. I am not a member, but have attended several programs a few years back. I did not joins as I live in Carrollton Ga. would you have a delete in my area?

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