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For many of us, the world today feels aggressive and speedy.  Even the most grounded people we know at times express a shakiness, a doubt that Basic Goodness is alive in our society.  As members of Shambhala, we are striving to not only get in touch with our own Basic Goodness, but – and this is a pretty big aspiration – we are seeking to create an Enlightened Society.

In August, we have a unique opportunity to explore the prophesy and practice of Shambhala in these difficult times.  Three key leaders from Shambhala will join us for a rare weekend of teaching and contemplation.  Our Minister of the Pillar of Government, Jane Arthur, Acharya Daniel Hessey and Deputy Minister of the Pillar of Government, Cynthia MacKay will lead our practice, contemplation and exploration of Shambhala warriorship and leadership.

If you are a member of the Shambhala Center, you are a Leader.   We invite you to be a part of this weekend, as we explore how we, as Shambhala practitioners, can help encourage and create a more wise, kind, strong, and humane society.

“It is the human vocation to make the impossible possible.”  –Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Here are more details:

August 11th—August 13th

Date details +

Fri August 11th: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Sat August 12th: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sun August 13th: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


  • $120 Program Price
  • $160 Patron Price
  • Of offer what you can afford

We will explore questions such as:

  • What is the role of Shambhala culture in our modern world?
  • What is enlightened government?
  • How do we manifest these principles at our centers and in our communities?

Our inquiry will follow the Proclamation that was written by the Kalapa Council, and was the basis of a gathering of Shambhala Leaders and the Sakyong in May called the Kalapa Garchen.

When we connect with our innate sense of warriorship, we naturally manifest as leaders.  Therefore, in our time together we will encourage everyone to contemplate deeply and to contribute fully.

Shambhala teachers, leaders and members are stongly encouraged to attend.

Jane Arthur, Minister of the Pillar of Government of Shambhala   In this role, she oversees all Shambhala centers worldwide and is responsible for training center leaders. Jane has been a member of the Shambhala community since 1997 and has held many leadership positions in Shambhala, including the Director of the Boulder Shambhala Center in Boulder, Colorado and the Director of Karme Choling, a Shambhala residential retreat center in Barnet, Vermont.  Before her current role, she was the Director of the Vermont Leadership Institute and Vermont Leadership Network at the Snelling Center for Government. She also sits on several boards in her community and is trained as a nurse and an attorney.

Acharya Daniel Hessey has been a student of Shambhala Buddhism since 1973 and has taught extensively throughout the U.S. and South America. He is the resident Acharya at Shambhala Mountain Center. Since 2004, he has studied and translated the I Ching as a manual of enlightened society.

Deputy Minister of the Pillar of Government Cynthia MacKay has been a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for over 25 years. Fomerly she was the Director of the Los Angeles Shambhala Center where she was instrumental in the formation of the Sothern California Region.  She has traveled extensively around our globe with a backpack and her running shoes gathering teachings, running marathons and being with the varied cultures that both gracefully and painfully inhabit our planet. Cynthia teaches people to ride motorcycles for the California Motorcycle Safety Program.

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