Changing the Dream



The Pachamama Alliance originated from an invitation from the Achuar people of Equador to work in partnership to preserve their land and culture while bringing forth a new worldview that honors and sustains life.  Atlanta Shambhala is partnering with the Pachamama Alliance so that we can all benefit from their rich programs and wisdom of how we can Change the Dream of the People of the North.

Changing the Dream Series

8 pm Tuesday, October 3rd  Changing the Dream – Educating Girls with Norma Harris

Noon Sunday, October 15th  The Great Turning with Beth Remmes

8 pm Tuesday, November 21  Introduction to Changing the Dream

8pm Tuesday, December 19th Evolutionary Activism

8pm Tuesday, January 30th The Case for Grounded Optimism

8pm Tuesday, February 20th  Drawdown






Pachamama Alliance and the Atlanta Shambhala Center are committed to addressing two key issues of our time: our misrepresentative Democracy and Climate Change.  We are working with Move to Amend  to limit the influence of corporations and money in politics.  We are also working with Citizens Climate Lobby in support of the movement in the U.S. to establish a price on carbon emissions through a fully refundable tax on carbon that will speed the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

GreenWorldRisingGreen World Rising Video

Other Environmental Groups

OneEarthSanghaExpressing Buddhist response to climate change and other threats to our home.