Changing The Dream


We are offering a group discussion about how we can Change The Dream of our modern world into one that is more healthy for our planet and all of us.  These will occur monthly on Tuesday evenings at 8pm (after group meditation beginning at 7pm) as noted below and will be showing and discussing the video in bold (the others are for your information).  Please join us!

Changing The Dream Group Discussion Series


8pm Tuesday, Nov. 29th  The Power of Story

Jonah Sachs- Story Wars

Charles Eisenstein- The More Beautiful World That We Know Is Possible

Lynn Twist- The Power of Story

Future Changing the Dream Series Topics

8pm Tuesday, Dec. 27th Evolutionary Activism

Neil deGrasse Tyson- The Most Astounding Fact

Brian Swimme- The Current Moment

Jason Silva- The Biological Advantage of Being Awstruck

8pm Tuesday, Feb. 7th The Case for Grounded Optimism

Lynne Twist- Grounded Optimism

Joanne Macy- Uncertainty

Frances Moore-Lappe- Ecomind: Why I’m A Possiblist


Past Changing the Dream Series Topics

Introduction to Changing the Dream

Charles Eisenstein- A New Story of the People

Reverend Deborah Johnson- At the Heart of Changing Systems and Structures

Bill Twist- Our Great Work

Will Keepen- Twelve Principles of Spiritual Leadership  (reading)

Arkan Lushwala- The Earth Is Our Mother

Annie Leonard- The Story of Change