Local Leadership

Role of the Governing Council

The Governing Council is the senior-most body in the governing structure of the Atlanta
Shambhala Center. It is responsible for the overall vision and policy of the local center,
and its connection to the rest of the Shambhala community and Shambhala International.
The Council:
• Invites and sustains a deep and energetic connection with the Shambhala lineage
and lineage representatives
• Holds the strategic vision for the Center’s future
• Develops local governance policies.

The Governing Council presented the 2017 Strategic Plan at our Annual Members Meeting.

Next Governing Council Meeting is Thursday, August 23, 2018

7:30 – 9:00 PM

All members are welcome to attend the meetings.

May 22, 2018 Governing Council Meeting Minutes


Governing Council

*denotes the Council’s Three Pillars who are the primary leaders of the Atlanta Shambhala Governing Council

*Center Director – Dan Phillips

*Director of Practice & Education– Rhonda Reno

*Dorje Kasung Representative —  Kc Wildmoon

Chagdzo —  Lindsey Muse

Membership Chair – Sally Larrick

Director of Societal Health & Well-Being – Norma Harris

Representative of the Shambhala Office of Culture & Decorum — Laura McNulty

Community Relations Chair —  Brenda Collins

Council Secretary —  Debra Hiers

Office of the Center Director

Center Director –  Dan Phillips
Assistant to the Director –  Sally Larrick
Bookkeeper –  Lisa Federico

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Director –  Dan Phillips
Volunteer Coordinator – Sally Larrick
Site Facilities Coordinator –
Building Facilities Coordinator –
Communications Coordinator – Tommy Housworth
Dorje Kasung – Rusung Kc Wildmoon

Nyida Day Coordinator – Brandy Amato

Delek Coordinators – Laura McNulty, Annie Price

Maha-Coordinator of Education – Melissa Twaroski

Head of Practice –

Young Meditators – Aimee Copeland

Contemplative Arts – Phill Harrold


Office of Practice & Education

Director –  Rhonda Reno

Maha-Coordinator of Education– Melissa Twaroski
Supervising Coordinator Way of Shambhala —
Sacred Path Coordinator — Edwin Ashurst
IEL Coordinator —
Ikebana Coordinator —

Head of Practice —
Open House Coordinator —
Meditation Instructor Coordinator —  Rhonda Reno
Feast Coordinator —  Rhonda Reno
Shrinekeeper —  Edwin Ashurst
Ashe Society –  Andre Popykin

Societal Health and Well Being

Director –  Norma Harris
Families and Children –  ___________*

Care Team Coordinator –  Annie Price

Delek Coordinators – Norma Harris, Laura McNulty, Annie Price

Membership Committee

Chair –  Sally Larrick
Volunteer Coordinator – Sally Larrick

Community Relations

Director –  Brenda Collins

Geoffrey Warren
Head of Cultural Arts – Angela “Anji” Sarumi

Shambhala Office of Culture & Decorum

Representative – Laura McNulty
Assistant –


Rusung –  Kc Wildmoon

Kenchen – Geoffrey Warren
Khenchung – Apriel Jessup-Searcy
Desung –  Open


Chagdzo –  Lindsey Muse
Development –  Open


Email info@atlantashambhalacenter.org for more information.