A Culture of Kindness

Kindness is natural for us.  It feels wholesome like exercising or eating healthy food.
But, just as we neglect our bodies by not taking the time to cook healthy meals or to go for a walk, we also neglect our mind by engaging in unhealthy thought patterns.  Unkind words or actions are often the result.  Interestingly, our lack of kindness is often directed towards ourselves first and most strongly, often in ways that we no longer notice.

Training the mind allows its natural health to emerge.  By allowing our mind to relax and our discursive thoughts and emotions to settle we can begin to experience our fundamental nature.  This is very simple, but for most of us, it is not easy.  Our habits of allowing our mind to be both inflexible and scattered are often quite persistent.

When our minds are more healthy we can see our interdependence with the world more clearly and engage in a beneficial manner.

Facing the Challenge
We are all aware of the tremendous challenges that are facing us during this time.  Many of our social institutions and even our physical environment are in great peril.  How can we respond?  Seeking a solution without understanding the nature of our dilemma is unlikely to be helpful.

Shambhala is based on the teachings of the wisdom traditions of the past as they can be applied to our present-day lives.  Knowing the nature of ourselves and our world are the basis of these teachings.  The method by which we come to know that nature is through the practice of meditation.  Through the direct experience of meditation we realize what is real and what is not and what to accept and what to reject.

When we develop confidence in our nature and our lives are manifesting that confidence we create a more healthy society.  We and everyone around us can relax and feel our appreciation for our world.  This is the creation of enlightened society.  The potential is there in any moment.