Letter from the Interim Board: Information regarding Larimer County allegations

December 18, 2018

Dear Shambhala Leaders –


We have received questions from you regarding the recent media coverage of alleged criminal activity at  Shambhala Mountain Center. Please see below for a statement from Michael Gayner, Director of Shambhala Mountain Center, which was issued to the SMC community yesterday.


After speaking with Larimer County Sheriff’s Office officials, it is our understanding that claims have been brought forward, however, no formal investigation is open at this time. Shambhala will fully cooperate in an investigation if one is opened.



The Shambhala Interim Board


Dear Friends,

Over the past week, there have been headlines in a number of Front Range newspapers as well as on Lion’s Roar and Think Progress regarding an “investigation of possible criminal activities at Shambhala Mountain Center” by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO). I reached out to the LCSO and spoke with a Public Information Officer there. His response was that information has been forwarded to their office and they are examining it to see if there is anything that requires an official investigation. At this time, we have no information about the specifics of this examination. If a formal investigation is launched, we will share that with our community.

Shambhala Mountain Center made statements this year clearly indicating our stance and commitments on allegations of clergy sexual abuse. We are and will always be committed to transparency and full cooperation in any investigation. We have shared updates on our perspective concerning this matter, which can be found on our website.

I have offered my support if a formal investigation is launched and remain committed to ensuring that Shambhala Mountain Center remains a safe and nurturing space where our guests and staff can meet their own and others’ wisdom. For further details regarding our work in meeting this moment, please review the link above.


In the Vision of the Great Eastern Sun,


Michael Gayner

Executive Director

Shambhala Mountain Center