Office of Center Director


The Role of the Center Director

The Center Director, as head of the Government Pillar, both Chairs the Governing Council and acts as the Chief Executive.


The Center Director as Chair of the Governing Council

In this role, the Director is responsible for leading meetings of the council. This is done with a view to reaching “broad agreement” as set out in the decision-making principles established by the governing bodies of the mandala.

As chair of the Governing Council, the Director is responsible for spearheading policies that put into practice the lineage view of Shambhala as a training ground for the development of enlightened society. S/he ensures that the center’s activities are in accordance with mandala principle and the values inherent in Shambhala Vision.

In playing this role, it is the responsibility of the director to lead the Governing Council and community in developing long-range plans in accordance with the vision of the Sakyong, and making sure that the center is governed in accordance with the mandala-wide policies. This includes compliance with the laws of the applicable jurisdictions in which the Shambhala Center functions.


The Center Director as Chief Executive

In this capacity, the Center Director leads the local Shambhala community and disseminates the vision of the Sakyong. As the chief executive of the Shambhala Center, s/he propagates the vision and manifestation of Shambhala society, and cultivates a culture of profound kindness and generosity in the community. S/he represents the Shambhala community to the municipality, region and the broader Shambhala mandala.

 As chief executive of the center, the Director is responsible for ensuring that Shambhala Vision radiates throughout all the practices, activities and community life of the center. Thus s/he fosters a harmonious, sane and compassionate society, leading by example in the practice and study of the Shambhala dharma.

As Chief Executive, the Director is responsible for integrating the work of the three pillars, respecting the diverse lines of command and accountability, so that all the various aspects of the life of the center function coherently. S/he guides the implementation of the policies, plans and decisions of the center’s Governing Council in a way that helps bind the community together in all its activities.

In fulfilling these executive functions, the Director may establish an Executive Committee or other similar team, or groupings, and consult professional or other advisors who can assist or assume delegated responsibilities for specific executive functions under the supervision of the Director