A Year of Compassion: Four Limitless Ones

with Valerie Morvan & Cheri Tiernan

September 25th—October 23rd

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  • $130.00 Program Price
  • $160.00 Patron Price
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Room: Decatur


The Four Limitless Ones

A Year of Compassion Part I


Wednesdays, September 25 – October 23, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Facilitators:  Valerie Morvan and Cheri Tiernan

Class Price:  $130 or offer what you can afford

This 5-session class will use on-line teachings with commentary and discussion facilitation by Valerie Morvan and Cheri Tiernan. The class includes an introduction to The Four Limitless Ones, Tonglen instruction and an audio talk by Acharya Pema Chodron. The Four Limitless Ones are early Buddhist teachings on four boundless qualities, which literally have “no measure.” These qualities are equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy. By dissolving the boundaries that constrain us, these four qualities expand our capacity for experiences on the path.

The topics for the 5 classes and the acharyas teaching them are listed below. Additionally, there will be readings and book suggestions to deepen our understanding of these teachings and contemplations to help us integrate these fundamental teachings into our daily lives.

This is the first course of the four-part series entitled A Year of Compassion, which explores Shambhala Mahayana teachings. The full 4-part series will be facilitated at the Atlanta Center.

  • Shamatha and Maitri: Establishing the Foundations for our Mahayana Journey with Acharya Susan Chapman
  • Equanimity with Acharya Eve Rosenthal
  • Loving Kindness with Acharya Fleet Maull
  • Compassion with Acharya Dale Asrael
  • Sympathetic Joy and Course Conclusion with Acharya Dan Hessey