Lojong: Training the Mind in Bodhichitta

with Valerie Morvan & Julie Aiken

July 22nd—August 19th

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Room: Decatur

Lojong: Training the Mind in Bodhichitta

Five Wednesdays, beginning 7/22/2020

7:00 pm -- 8:30 pm

with Valerie Morvan

This class continues our journey towards the realization of egolessness and awakened heart.  The class will explore the vast body of teachings for training the mind, introduced to Tibet by Atisha in the 11th century.  The Lojong practices including Tonglen, or exchanging self for others, formless and analytical meditation and the 59 slogans show us how the skillful means and wisdom of the Mahayana path can be put into practice.

Slogan practice is a profound and provocative adventure as we travel the bodhisattva  path of insight and compassion.

This online teaching may be accessed via Zoom:


Sitting practice begins at 7:00 pm, followed by the class at 7:30.