Wasting Our Time: Vipashyana Space Awareness

with John Rockwell

September 2nd—September 30th

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Room: Decatur

“Now there’s the point—wasting our time. Maybe that’s a good one, wasting our time. Give time a rest. Let it be wasted. Create virgin time, uncontaminated time, time that hasn’t been hassled by aggression, passion, and speed. Let us create pure time. Sit and create pure time.”  Chögyam Trungpa, The Path Is the Goal

Vipashyana means “seeing fully and precisely.” It’s translated as “awareness,” “panoramic awareness,” or “insight.” We refer to sitting meditation as shamatha, being directly mindful of what is happening on the spot. But there is always vipashyana awareness of a larger space. Joining mindfulness and awareness is the heart of our path, from beginning to end. It encompasses meditation and our whole life—time and space. We will explore our practice of shamatha-vipashyana with a particular emphasis on vipashyana. Shamatha may bring us peace, but vipashyana liberates.

Five classes on Zoom, Wednesdays, September 2-30, 7pm

Recommended Reading: Chögyam Trungpa, The Path Is the Goal

Class: $130

Patron: $160

Or offer what you can afford