Managing Everyday Addictions

with Danae Clark

September 25th -Date postponed or cancelled

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Room: Decatur

Do you work too much? Drink too much caffeine? Find it hard to put down your phone or too easy to buy things online? These "everyday addictions" can lead to behaviors and emotions that cause unwanted suffering (duhkha) in our daily lives. So why is it so hard to deal with them?

This half-day, 4-hour workshop explores the nature of addiction and the triggers (shenpa) that create habit loops of pleasure/displeasure.

Drawing on the logic of neuroscience, the compassion of trauma-sensitive therapy, and the wisdom of Buddhist teachings, the workshop leads participants in guided meditations and open discussion while offering practical tools for working through the egoic mindset of compulsive desire.

Danae Clark is a mindfulness educator and certified addiction coach whose practice in the Shambhala tradition has spanned over a decade. 

This in-person workshop will observe masking and social distancing protocols. The instructor is also requesting that all participants be vaccinated. 

NOTE: This workshop is not geared toward individuals who are in the midst of active substance misuse or eating disorders. If you have questions concerning your participation, please contact the instructor at [email protected]