Soundbath with Chelsea Szegidewicz

June 8th

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  • $30 Program Price
  • $45 Patron Price
Room: Decatur

You are invited to come and connect, find your place in the room, share your name, and be guided through a vocal toning practice with Chelsea Szegidewicz using the crystal quartz singing bowls as a guide to clear your energy centers from Root to Crown. Following 21 minutes of vocal toning, you will be invited to rest and let the crystal quartz singing bowls sing their frequencies through the room. Following the 21 minute sound bath, you will be invited to rest in silence for another 21 minutes, allowing the work of the sound frequencies to inspire natural movements and awareness within your body. In order to come back to grounding, we will sit in a seated position and finish class together with three vocal OM’s and then will have an optional one-word check-in. This has the potential to ease the mind and body and make room for any suppressed emotions and movements. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow, and water in a closed container. Dress comfortably. Come hydrated. 

Chelsea Szegidewicz is a certified Sound Healing Facilitator, Chi For Two Embodiment Coach, Recording Artist and Performer in Atlanta, Ga. Chelsea completed her 200 hour sound therapy course with Sound Embrace in 2020 and has been working with individuals and group sessions since then to help bring awareness within their nervous system functioning. Chelsea graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music in 2012 with a Performance Degree in Guitar.