Two Taoist Programs w/ Eva Wong


As we usher in 2018, most of us will agree that we are seeking to find ways to experience more inner peace, while aspiring to encourage peace outside of ourselves as well.  The Shambhala Center of Atlanta has two programs coming in early December that address these two aspirations through ancient wisdom & teachings.

On December 2nd & 3rd, Dr. Eva Wong will lead a pair of Taoist-centric courses at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Atlanta.Here’s a link to the Eventbrite registration page:  Eventbrite for Eva Wong

Dr. Wong is a 19th generation lineage carrier of the Primordial Limitless Gate School of Daoism. The student of Sun Di, she is also a 3rd generation lineage descendant in Wang Xiangzhai’s Yiquan school of martial arts and Zhangzhuan–standing qigong. She is an independent scholar who has written and translated 16 books on Daoism and related topics, including Nourishing The Essence of Life: The Outer, Inner, and Secret Teachings of Taoism, A Master Course in Feng Shui, and The Tao of Health, Longevity, and Immortality.

On Saturday, December 2nd, Dr. Wong will be joined by Shastri Will Ryken from the St. Petersburg, Florida Shambhala Center to teach Sunzi’s Art of Peace.   

Sunzi, one of the greatest military strategist of all time, is known for his book The Art of
War. He is often quoted as saying that the best way to end war is not to have one in the
first place. In this program, we will explore how to use principles and techniques in the
Art of War to “wage” peace and be victorious over war, aggression, and hate. Join Eva
Wong and William Ryken in exploring how to use Sunzi’s Art of War to establish the
Way of Peace at home, work, and community.

The program will also feature Taoist situation awareness practices that sensitize our
relationship to family, work, and social space.

On Sunday, December 3rd, Dr. Wong will explore The Tao of Living a Healthy Life.

More people are turning to Taoism for inspiration and guidance in everyday living. Join
Eva Wong for a day of Taoist health practices that includes qigong, Taoist-style quiet
sitting, tea appreciation, and advice on Taoist foods for health. The program also
features a presentation of Eva’s newest book Being Taoist and how to use it to guide
daily living.

To give you a small taste of Taoist teaching, here is an excerpt from Eva Wong’s Being Taoist:

Understanding the Energy of Life

Laozi said the following: The valley spirit that does not die is the Mysterious Female. The gate of the Mysterious Female is the root of the sky and the earth.

Heshang Gong (202–157 b.c.e.), known as the Sage of the River, added the following: Valley means protection. If we are able to protect the spirit, we will live long and never die. The spirit guards the five viscera. Within the liver is the luminous spirit; within the lungs is the soul; within the kidneys is the generative essence; within the heart is the essence of intelligence; within the spleen is the spirit of feelings and intention. If any of these organs is injured, the guardian of that viscus will leave. As a result, life energy will be harmed, and health will deteriorate.

The key to longevity lies in the Mysterious Female. What is the Mysterious Female? Mysterious refers to the sky. In the senses, it is the nostrils. Female refers to the earth. In the senses, it is the mouth. The vapor of the sky enters through the nostrils and is stored in the heart. This vapor is fresh and subtle. When it enters and resides in the heart, it makes us intelligent and wise. However, when coupled with discursive thought, it gives rise to excitement, anger, desire, fear, and anxiety. The ruler of these feelings is male in nature. Entering through the nostrils, the vapor of the sky interacts with the vapor stored in the heart. Exiting through the nostrils, the vapor of the heart returns to the sky.

The earth provides us with food and is the source of the five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty. The vapor of the earth enters through the mouth and resides in the liver. The five flavors interact with the muscles, the bones, and the blood, and when coupled with feelings give rise to happiness, anger, sorrow, delight, love, and hate. The ruler of these six feelings is female in nature. Entering through the mouth, the vapor of the earth interacts with the vapor stored in the liver. Exiting through the mouth, the vapor of the liver returns to the earth.

The cycles of inhalation and exhalation are intimately tied to the interactive exchange between the vapors of the sky and the earth and the vapors of the body. The nostrils and the mouth are the orifices where the primordial vapors of the sky and the earth enter the human body. Primordial vapor enters the body as the subtle breath, which is soft and elusive. To absorb the vapors of the sky and the earth, inhalation and exhalation must be natural and not forced. Only in this way can the vapors of the sky and the earth enter the body to nourish the internal organs.

Distance yourself from desire, and you will live a long and healthy life. Let desire run your life, and the spirit will lose its brightness. When the spirit loses its luminosity, the production of the generative essence will be compromised. When the generative essence is low, the body will weaken. With the continued weakening of the spirit and the body, there will be no alternative but early death.

Once again, here’s a link to the Eventbrite page w/ details & registration for these two events:  Eventbrite for Eva Wong


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