Community Relations



The Community Relations Team

Proposed Principles

Engage in three levels of practice:

  1. Personal Practice & Study
  2. Interpersonal Practice – awakening in relationships
  3. Collective Practice – revisioning our social structures

Working with ourselves, working with others, working for positive social change

Being true to our practices and values

Proposed Committee Objectives

  • Creating a Culture of Kindness within our sangha and beyond
  • Creating and strengthening relationships
  • Engaging in and hosting conversations that matter


Proposed Strategies

Creating a Culture of Kindness

  • Engage in community building activities (routine potlucks, home visits, one-one contact, hiking trips, talk show, interfaith forums/ speakers) (these could be done in cooperation with other committees)
  • Make effort to make everyone feel welcome regardless of differences- reduction of cliques


Creating and strengthening relationships

  • Hosting events that foster cultural understanding- arts of diverse groups, for example
  • Getting to know and working with individuals and groups that our view of enlightened society might have affinity with


Engaging in and hosting conversations that matter

  • Conversations both inside and outside sangha about:
  • Race relations/environmental issues/ economic disparity/ gender issues/ criminal justice system/ sexual orientation/ education/ etc.



Race relations

Buddhist ‘People Of Color Sanghas,’ Diversity Efforts Address Conflicts About Race Among Meditators