Community Relations Activities

The Community Relations Committee

Invites Atlanta Shambhala

to attend as a group America’s first national memorial dedicated to victims of racial terror lynching and a new museum dedicated to slavery and its legacy opened by The Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Grand Opening is Thursday, April 26, 2018

Additional dates for our group could be April 27, 28, 29, or 30th

Museum Hours                                          Memorial Hours


Monday           9 AM – 9 PM                          Monday                  8 AM – Sunset

Tuesday           Closed                                   Tuesday                  Closed

Wednesday     9 AM – 9 PM                         Wednesday            8 AM – Sunset

Thursday         9 AM – 9 PM                         Thursday                8 AM – Sunset

Friday               9 AM – 9 PM                         Friday                     8 AM – Sunset

Saturday           9 AM – 9 PM                        Saturday                 8 AM – Sunset

Sunday             9 AM – 6 PM                         Sunday                   8 AM – Sunset


Extended hours through May 8, 2018     Closed Major Holidays, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Combination Tickets

Adults $10        Students and Seniors $7         Children 6 years and under free


Located in the heart of downtown Montgomery, Alabama, the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice are just a 16-minute walk apart. We will purchase a combination ticket to experience both the museum and memorial in a single day together as a community.

If you are interested in attending as a group from the Atlanta Shambhala Center, please let Brenda Collins know by February 23 which date is good for you, or call 404 484-4527. The transportation cost in not included in the ticket cost. We will get back to you, once we have determined how many will join us on this trip.



The Community Relations Team

Proposed Principles

Engage in three levels of practice:

  1. Personal Practice & Study
  2. Interpersonal Practice – awakening in relationships
  3. Collective Practice – revisioning our social structures

Working with ourselves, working with others, working for positive social change

Being true to our practices and values

Proposed Committee Objectives

  • Creating a Culture of Kindness within our sangha and beyond
  • Creating and strengthening relationships
  • Engaging in and hosting conversations that matter


Proposed Strategies

Creating a Culture of Kindness

  • Engage in community building activities (routine potlucks, home visits, one-one contact, hiking trips, talk show, interfaith forums/ speakers) (these could be done in cooperation with other committees)
  • Make effort to make everyone feel welcome regardless of differences- reduction of cliques


Creating and strengthening relationships

  • Hosting events that foster cultural understanding- arts of diverse groups, for example
  • Getting to know and working with individuals and groups that our view of enlightened society might have affinity with


Engaging in and hosting conversations that matter

  • Conversations both inside and outside sangha about:
  • Race relations/environmental issues/ economic disparity/ gender issues/ criminal justice system/ sexual orientation/ education/ etc.



Race relations

Buddhist ‘People Of Color Sanghas,’ Diversity Efforts Address Conflicts About Race Among Meditators

  • environmental issues
  • economic disparity
  • gender issues
  • criminal justice system
  • sexual orientation
  • education