Introductory Programs


The Art of Being Human: Shambhala Training Level I

with Shastri Jackie Muse

January 6th—January 7th (2018)

The Art of Being Human is the experience of becoming familiar with our own nature. This is an opportunity to discover and explore our inherent strength, wisdom and compassion. Continue »

Meditation In Everyday Life

with Christopher Wenger & Rhonda Reno

January 10th—February 7th (2018)

By making a deep connection to the present moment and understanding our mind through the practice of meditation, we can learn to finally make friends with ourselves. Continue »

Learn To Meditate

with Dan Phillips

January 13th (2018)

This 3-hour class will help you start and establish a mindfulness-awareness meditation practice. Continue »

Learn To Meditate

with Sally Larrick

February 10th (2018)


with Hope Martin

March 24th (2018)

During this full day of instruction and practice, Hope Martin will share basic principles of the Alexander Technique that help us find habitual holding patterns and release them so that our meditation can become more comfortable and free. Continue »