Introductory Programs


White Tara Practice

with Shastri Jackie Muse

August 27th—September 24th

Everyone is invited to this traditional compassion practice on Zoom. Continue »

Wasting Our Time: Vipashyana Space Awareness

with John Rockwell

September 2nd—September 30th

A program that explores shamatha-vipashyana meditation with particular emphasis on the experience of panoramic awareness and liberating insight. On Zoom. Continue »


with Hope Martin

October 10th - Date postponed or cancelled

This program will be revisited for spring 2021 due to precautions around Covid-19. Continue »

Shape of Awake Weekthun

with Hope Martin

October 11th—October 17th - Date postponed or cancelled

This program will be revisited in spring 2021 due to precaution around Covid-19. Continue »

The Places That Scare You

with Shastri Jackie Muse & Chris Allen

October 14th—November 4th

By choosing to train ourselves to relate to discomfort rather than trying to avoid uncertainty and fear we can get in touch with the sadness that underlies our pain and suffering. This genuine heart of sadness is our mind of enlightenment called bodhichit Continue »