Warrior for Humanity

January 17th

Please join us for a celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through performances, poetry, music, contemplation and conversation. Continue »

Protecting Sanity in the Chaos of Everyday Life

with Shastri Will Ryken

January 20th

Join Shastri Will Ryken for a talk on the protector principle as we prepare for Don Season. Continue »

White Tara Practice

with Shastri Jackie Muse

January 21st—March 25th

Join us on Zoom on Thursdays during your lunch break for White Tara compassion practice with Jackie Muse (noon to 1pm Eastern time). Continue »

Ekajati: Queen of All Protectors

with Valerie Morvan

January 27th

Valerie Morvan will talk about Ekajati, a dharmapali described as a wrathful dakini, who is an especially important protectress of the Ati teachings. Continue »

Full Moon Shambhala Sadhana

January 28th—September 20th

This is a practice to remind us of our basic goodness and the basic goodness of society and all beings. All members are invited. Join us via Zoom. Continue »

Mamo Chants

February 1st—February 10th

Join us each evening between February 1 and 10 for this annual Buddhist practice meant to help restore balance in our minds and the world Continue »

Grandmother's Soup: The Charnel Ground of Birth, Life, and Death

with John Rockwell

February 3rd

Charnel ground has wisdom and craziness at the same time . . Grandmother's soup. .. the soup we usually brew on New Year's Eve . . sweet and sour, bones and fats and vegetables—everything put together. Chögya Continue »

New Moon Sadhana of Mahamudra

February 11th—September 6th

All are welcome to join in this monthly sadhana that was one of the first practices that Chogyam Trungpa encouraged his students to do. Via Zoom Continue »

Liberation Through Love and Rage - a Full-Day, Online Retreat with Lama Rod Owens

April 4th

In American culture, particularly for people of color, anger is delegitimized, even demonized. Lama Rod’s view is that we need to develop a relationship to the heartbreak of anger for transformational healing. Continue »