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Our community is diverse, capable, and heartfelt. Our members and friends include dedicated senior teachers who have walked the Shambhala Buddhist path for many years, and enthusiastic newcomers who are just discovering our teachings on realizing basic goodness and building enlightened society.


Community Events

Radical Responsibility Book Club

June 12th—August 14th

Join us for a monthly discussion focused on Fleet Maull's new book "Radical Responsibilty". We'll meet one Wednesday a month this summer to discuss principles from the book and how we might apply them to our own lives. Continue »

Shambhala Training Coordinator Workshop

July 20th

Say YES to coordinating our Shambhala Levels. Continue »

People of Color Meditation Retreat

August 3rd

This retreat provide a deep experience of the Buddha’s teaching on mindfulness, manifesting Peace, happiness, clarity and inward freedom. Continue »

Full Moon Shambhala Sadhana

August 15th

This is a time for the community to gather, practice and delight in conversation and in each other's company. All members are invited, Continue »