How to Begin Volunteering

Please email [email protected].

Tasks with Special Requirements

Some volunteer tasks require training or have prerequisites. These are some of our most essential and rewarding tasks. We invite you to consider contributing in these important ways.

Staff for Public Programs – See links in the sidebar

If you’ve completed Shambhala Training Level III, you are warmly invited to join us on the path of staffing programs. Coordinators and aides are needed for each program presented at the center.

You can staff any program that you have already taken. It is a wonderful way to support others on the path, and to review and refresh your own understanding of the teachings.

If you have additional questions, or wish to discuss the path of Program staffing, please contact Melissa Twaroski, [email protected].

Umdze and Host for Public Sittings

Umdzes are timekeepers. They mark the time for sitting and walking meditation sessions. Umdzes must be members of the center and people who have been meditating for at least six months and have completed Shambhala Training Level 3. If you are interested in training to serve as an Umdze, please contact Rhonda Reno, Head of Practice at [email protected].


Volunteer Leadership

There is a need for leadership in many volunteer areas:


Building Maintenance

Financial Development

Ikebana/Flower Team

Once you have volunteered in an area, please consider serving in a leadership role. Many roles require small time commitments or have shared responsibilities. For more information, please email [email protected].