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The Art of Being Human

Shambhala Training Level 1

September 9-10 with Valerie Morvan

In the first Shambhala training level, we explore how to use the practice of meditation to glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of our existence. Opening to ourselves with gentleness and appreciation, we begin to see our potential as genuine and compassionate human beings. Thus we can discover how to live with a clear mind, a gentle heart and a sense of humor. Open to new and experienced meditators, as well as those looking to enrich their existing spiritual path.


 Quote of the Week

Shambhala Dzokchen

with Acharya Richard John

September 15 – September 17

Based on the teachings of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in his remarkable book Shambhala Dzokchen, we will practice the essential transmissions of trekcho, mahamudra and ashe. There will also be a separate session on Sunday for all Scorpion Seal practitioners, with an opportunity to practice and discuss dzokchen in that context.

Sacred World Assembly or Vajrayana Seminary are prerequisites.


The Community Relations Committee Presents
as part of the
Radical Conversation Series

Privilege and Prejudice
A Community Conversation

Saturday August 5th  |  7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Open To All Communities

What kind of connections can we make by sharing our experiences of privilege and prejudice in a gentle and fearless environment?

This event will be facilitated by Sue Gilman & Dr. Shakiyla Smith

Change the Story, Change the Future

with David Korten
Sunday, August 6th at 3pm

at the Atlanta Shambhala Center
Donation Requested

A talk by author, speaker, engaged citizen Mr. David Korten.

From an article in YES! Magazine, of which Mr. Korten is a founding editor:

A different result requires a different system, and the leadership for change is coming, as it must, from those for whom the current system does not work.

Awareness of system failure is widespread and growing. We see it in the rebellion against the establishment wings of the major political parties. We see it as previously competing social movements join forces to articulate and actualize a common vision of a new economy. We see it in varied and widely dispersed local citizen initiatives quietly rebuilding the relationships of caring communities. We see it in millions of defectors from consumerism, who by choice or necessity are living more simply.


Eva Wong Returns

December 2: Sunzi’s Art of Peace
December 3: The Tao of Living a Healthy Life

Sunzi’s Art of Peace

Sunzi, one of the greatest military strategist of all time, is known for his book The Art of
War. He is often quoted as saying that the best way to end war is not to have one in the
first place. In this program, we will explore how to use principles and techniques in the
Art of War to “wage” peace and be victorious over war, aggression, and hate. Join Eva
Wong and William Ryken in exploring how to use Sunzi’s Art of War to establish the
Way of Peace at home, work, and community. Open to All

The Tao of Living a Healthy Life

More people are turning to Taoism for inspiration and guidance in everyday living. Join
Eva Wong for a day of Taoist health practices that includes qigong, Taoist-style quiet
sitting, tea appreciation, and advice on Taoist foods for health. The program also
features a presentation of Eva’s newest book, Being Taoist, and how to use it to guide
daily living. Open to all.


Recurring Events

A Contemplative Approach to Examining White Privilege
Second Sunday, 3:00 – 5:00 PM
Next meeting Sunday, August 13

People of Color Sangha – Second and Fourth Mondays, 7:00-9:00 PM

                                                Next meeting Monday, August 14

Queer Dharma Brunch –   Next meeting Saturday, August 26, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Writing the Mind Alive –    Select Sundays, 1:00 – 3:00 PM
No Meetings in August

                                               Next Meeting Sunday, September 10

Serving the Sangha

Do you have AudioVisual confidence?
Are you looking for a role at the Shambhala Center?
Please consider stepping up as our AV macher (def: a person who gets things done)
contact Sally Larrick,


Sangha News

The Great Out Limits delek celebrated a picnic last week. Atlanta Shambhla deleks offer members additional opportunities to socialize with other members who live close by. To find out which delek you belong to, contact us.

Refuge & Bodhisattva

Vows and Preparatory Classes

The Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony
with Acharya Richard John
September 17, 5:30 pm

The Bodhisattva vow is the commitment to put others before oneself. It is a statement of willingness to give up one’s own well-being, even one’s own enlightenment, for the sake of others. A preparatory class must be taken before taking the vow.


The Bodhisattva Vow Prep Class
August 27 and September 10

Prepare to take the Bodhisattva Vow with two afternoons of intensive study, August 27 and September 10 from 1:30 pm to 4 pm. The prerequisite for taking the bodhisattva vow is having taken the refuge vow at least six months before, and you must also have approval from a senior meditation instructor.



The Refuge Vow Ceremony
with Acharya Richard John
September 17, 6:15 pm

The refuge vow marks the decision to commit oneself wholeheartedly to the Buddhist path and to further one’s practice and training. As this is a major commitment, individuals planning to take the vow should undertake appropriate preparation, such as the Refuge Vow Prep Class.


The Refuge Vow Prep Class
August 27 and September 10

This class is recommended preparation for those aspiring to take the refuge vow, as well as those curious and interested but not yet ready to take this formal step.​


Want to Help?

Laura McNulty serves Shambhala Atlanta as a coordinator, umdze, course-leader and committee member. Warrior Assembly is the culminating retreat to the intensive Shambhala Sacred Path program. If you are able to assist Laura in attending Warrior Assembly, please visit her Offering Bowl Page to make a donation.

Carol Williams is looking for someone (hopefully a practitioner) to share her spacious house in Stone Mountain. There is a private upstairs with two rooms and 1-1/2 baths, a shared kitchen, and very reasonable rent. In exchange, she would like some sharing of healthy meals, and enjoyment of her dog, Mysty. 678-436-8665.

Cholu Bondurant is asking for help to get needed dental work to stay healthy. Please support a friend in need. Thank you!

Edwin Ashurst has an Offering Bowl to allow him to attend Warrior Assembly at the Shambhala Mountain Center in August 2017. Please give generously!

Shambhala Warriorship & Leadership in Challenging Times

Minister of Pillar of Government
Jane Arthur
Acharya Dan Hessey
Cynthia MacKay
Deputy Minister Pillar of Government
August 11 – 13th

When we connect with our innate sense of warriorship, we naturally manifest as leaders.  Therefore, in our time together we will encourage everyone to contemplate deeply and to contribute fully.

REGISTER & more information


Shambhala Training Level V

Augst 18-20

with Shastri Jeffrey Stevens

With our body resting on the earth, no different from the earth, and our mind resting in the sky, no different from the sky, we encounter the vastness of heaven joined with the primordial depth of earth in our own being. This state is the basis for our activity in the world.


Learn To Meditate – Midtown
Sunday, June 18   |   1:00 – 4:00 PM
evolation yoga – 950 W. Peachtree St NW (8th St. entrance)

Meditation In Everyday Life

August 2 – 30
Five Wednesday Evenings

Meditation in Everyday Life is a 5-week course, open to all, that teaches mindfulness meditation and shows us how this practice can improve our daily lives in the most practical sense.



at evolation yoga210 8th St.

Open House and Learn to Meditate – Sunday, June 18


This Week at the Center

  •  Tuesday Open House August 1, Enlightened Society Is Not A Utopia Sally Larrick
  • Sunday Open House August 6, The Circle of Compassion Carol Williams
    Free child care is offered every Sunday for ages 3-12, 10:00am-12:00pm, so parents can take part in the Open House.
  • Tuesday Open House August 8, We Must Be Brave Enough to Find Our Wisdom Geoffrey Warren

Upcoming Programs

August 5: Privilege and Prejudice: A Community Conversation

August 6: Change the Story, Change the Future

August  7: Full Moon Shambhala Sadhana

August  11-13: Shambhala Warriorship and Leadership in Challenging Times

August 18-20: Open Sky: Shambhala Training Level 5

August 19: Learn to Meditate – John’s Creek

August 20: Learn to Meditate – Midtown

August 27: Refuge Vow Prep ClassBodhisattva Vow Prep Class

August 28-October 2: Wisdom in Everyday Life

September 9-10: The Art of Being Human: Shambhala Training Level I

September 15-17: Shambhala Dzokchen with Acharya Richard John

September 17: Bodhisattva Vow Ceremony, Refuge Vow Ceremony

September 24: Harvest of Peace

Monthly Calendar

Regional Program Schedule


 at evolation yoga – 210 8th St.

 One Saturday a Month
Mindfulness Stress Reduction

One Sunday a Month
Open House and
Learn to Meditate



Meditation in Greater Atlanta
Mondays 12:15-1:15 p.m.
Atlanta Public Library Midtown Branch

Thursdays 12:15-1:15pm

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