Queer Dharma – LGBTQ Sangha

Queer Dharma

Queer Dharma – LGBTQ Sangha

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Atlanta Shambhala is marching in this year’s Atlanta Pride Parade on Sunday October 14, 2018

The parades steps off at noon, but marchers should arrive no later than 11:00. The route is from Ralph McGill Blvd, north up Peachtree St. A right turn is made onto 10th and the parade ends at the Charles Allen gate to Piedmont Park.

Carpooling from the center or using MARTA is highly encouraged.There is no parking at the festival and limited parking exists around the park. The SAGE Deck or the Colony Square Deck have parking on a first-come first-served basis and charge a nominal fee.

Marchers should arrive no later than 11 and volunteers will be available to assist you in locating your assembly position. We are in group G which is towards the end. Enter row G by turning right off of Peachtree St onto W. Peachtree St. Bring Sunscreen, water, and maybe an umbrella for shade. Questions? Contact Edwin@housingfriends.com


 The Queer Dharma LGBTQ-QIA2 Sangha is a community of meditation practice for all people, founded and hosted by LGBTQ people [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer] and sponsors a free meditation open house that caters to Atlanta’s LGBTQ community. While the Dharma is the Dharma no matter who hears it, The  Queer Dharma LGBTQ Sangha provides a safe and sane environment in which the unique concerns and experiences of LGBTQ individuals are addressed and through which the Dharma can be viewed and discussed through the lens of the “Queer” experience.  We are at all levels of experience, from questioning/beginners to long-time practitioners but all are welcome.

If you would like to be on our mailing list you can email Sally Larrick at sally@atlantashambhalacenter.org and ask to be added to our Queer Dharma LGBTQ Sangha email list.

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Stay tuned for announcements about future gatherings! Meditation practice provides a warm, genuine basis for realizing the full potential of our inherent wisdom. Through the practice, we learn to touch in with this wisdom, allowing us to live our lives with a mind that is more present and fully engaged. Waking up to our own inherent goodness has a natural impact on our family members, friends, co-workers, and our world at large.