Radical Conversation

March 11th (2018)

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    Sponsored By Community Relations Committee

     for Conversations on Race, Diversity, Economics and more…

    Open To All Communities

    Rev. Brady Radford

    Sunday, March 11

    1:00 - 3:00 PM

    Suggested Donation $15.00

    Can Our Faith Communities Unify a Polarized America?

    The Challenge of Creating Safe Spaces in Purple Places

    "I invite listeners into a conversation around 'purple faith communities' (places where red and blue political ideologies struggle to mix or find balance).  I will question whether purple spaces are capable of creating the safety needed to unify ALL people.  

    I will also share what I see as the four essential hallmarks for creating 'Safe Space' in the present Amerikkkan Context.  My approach to this topic is based on a belief that the current actions and policies of this administration are aimed at making sure certain citizens never know what it means to feel safe in Amerikkka."


    Rev. Brady Radford, Associate Pastor, Emory Presbyterian Church, a family man and community builder, one of the lead organizers for Create Community 4 Decatur: #Black Lives Matter, a local organization. As a pastor he serves Emory Presbyterian Church and as a therapist he walks alongside adults and couples throughout greater Metro Atlanta.