Metta Dance

with Julie Hliboki

March 6th—December 4th -Date postponed or cancelled

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    Room: Decatur

    “when you pray, move your feet" - African Proverb

    Facilitated by Julie Hliboki
    Sponsored by the Community Relations Committee

    1st Friday of each month


    Metta is the Sanskrit word for Loving-kindness. Metta Dance is a wonderful, fun, rejuvenating ceremony that encourages blessing, gratitude, release, and balance. We are invited to dance on behalf of ourselves, our loved ones, our community, our struggles, and all beings. This intentional movement opens our heart and mind to our interconnectedness, our shared humanity, and our innate compassion. We use rhythm, breath, music, and movement to create our own steps. There is no conversation, no words, no talking. This typically results in freeing the body, expressing the heart, emptying the mind, and embodying the spirit, "transitioning into a tranquil state of beauty and awareness." During the evening we have an opportunity to write down on small slips of paper anything we wish to release or bring forth. No experience necessary.