Community Circle: Service Beyond Measure

with Carol Hyman

June 15th

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The path of mindfulness teaches us how to salvage sanity in a crazy world and how to meet that world as it is without sinking into struggle or depression. This gentle approach opens our hearts and leads quite naturally to a desire to be of service. But what is genuine service? If we look beyond logging hours and raising funds, what might it mean for service to be beyond measure? Is that actually possible?

In this Saturday retreat, we’ll investigate how to invite intuition to inspire connection in areas where we can bring the most benefit. We’ll consider how to maintain healthy boundaries and avoid burnout while serving. And we’ll probe the ways in which the path of meditation can lead us into a life of service beyond measure.

Interacting with each other, in silence and in conversation, can strengthen our personal connection with our basic nature and invite collective wisdom and cheerfulness to emerge. The program will include a variety of contemplative practices and interactive engagement exercises. All are welcome, including those who have no previous experience with meditation.

This retreat is offered in conjunction with Applied Mindfulness Training as part of a series of quarterly, day-long retreats, with each retreat focused on a specific theme.

Carol S. Hyman has been teaching contemplative disciplines for more than four decades and now focuses on how mindfulness practice enhances everyday life. She is Executive Director of Applied Mindfulness Training and author of Meeting Your Mind: Harnessing the World’s Greatest Resource

Chris Wenger will join Carol Hyman in leading this retreat. A meditation practitioner since 2002, he serves as a meditation instructor and teacher at the Atlanta Shambhala Center. 

The retreat is in person only.

Limited scholarships are available for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Email [email protected] for details.