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Atlanta Shambhala offers a path of meditation practice and contemplative arts oriented towards modern life. Join us for meditation courses, retreats and group meditation at one of our two Meditation Centers in Atlanta located in Decatur and in Grant Park.

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A Year of Deepening in Compassion | The Four Limitless Ones

February 10th—April 21st

The path of the Bodhisattva Warrior begins with developing affection for ourselves and expands this to others, dissolving the barriers that divide us. Come to the Center for this online class. Continue »

Human Trafficking: The Battle Continues - Art Exhibition

February 17th—March 12th

Exhibit continues through March 12 - Please join us for a Panel Discussion Sunday, February 17, 2019, 2:00 – 4:00 PM Continue »

Full-Day Silent Retreat (Grant Park)

February 23rd

Spend the day making friends with your mind. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life (Decatur)

with Christopher Wenger

March 4th—April 1st

This course provides an exploration of genuine contentment, the foundational views of the Buddhist teachings, and meditation in action for daily life. Continue »

Learn To Meditate (Grant Park)

March 16th

This 3-hour class will help you start and establish a mindfulness-awareness meditation practice. Continue »


with Hope Martin

March 23rd

During this full day of instruction and practice, Hope Martin will share basic principles of the Alexander Technique that help us find habitual holding patterns and release them so that our meditation can become more comfortable and free. Continue »