Face to Face @ the ASC: Edwin Ashurst

Hello to everyone in the ASC community. Hope everyone is enjoying the return of passable roads and warmer temperatures after a truly historic week here in Atlanta with the winter storm. Our Face to Face interview this week is with Edwin Ashurst. Many of you may know Edwin, as he often infuses gatherings with his … Continue 

Compost Workshop at the Center…time to make beautiful soil

The Composting workshop took place last Saturday at the Atlanta Shambhala Center. Folks who attended were excited to see sustainable practices happening at the center, in addition to contemplative practice. This new composting plan for the ASC is also exciting because it is one important part of the center’s Permaculture plan. Brandy Hall worked with … Continue 

Face to Face @ the ASC

Rebecca Hoffmann Rebecca first came to the Atlanta Shambhala Center in 2012. Many have seen her around the center, volunteering to keep the grounds beautiful or working as a Dorje Kasung protector (click here to learn more about this organization within the Center). “I first came to the Atlanta Shambhala Center looking for a place … Continue 

Face to Face @ the Atlanta Shambhala Center

“Sangha” is the Sanskrit term for “community of practitioners” – one of the three jewels of Buddhism. The Shambhala Center Atlanta is home to a wonderfully diverse community who share a genuine connection to contemplative practice and the aspiration to realize a more wakeful, sane society. In the following weeks, check back to our website … Continue 

Compassionate Atlanta Feb. 2 at the Carter Center

Kick-Off Event Sunday, February 2, 2014 from 2:00 – 5:00PM. Everyone is invited.  Please go to:   http://www.compassionateatl.com/events.html  for more information and to register.

Children’s Day

  Saturday, December 21, 2013 was Children’s Day at the Atlanta Shambhala Center. It was a festive affair that included a lhasang, a play and good food and company. Iliana: A Winter Solstice Tale by Walter Fordham was adapted as a play directed by Kim Nelson. Silvie DiLorio played the young heroine who set out … Continue 

Winter Dathun at Karme Choling- January 9- February 6th

Dathün (Tibetan for “month session”) is a month-long group meditation retreat for those who wish to establish or deepen their meditation practice. You will be introduced to Shambhala Meditation, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s new practice of connecting directly with basic goodness as the ground for meditation practice and everyday life. The basic practice of shamatha-vipashyana will … Continue 

Winter Dathun at the Shambhala Mountain Center- December 13- January 10, 2014

This winter, our Dathun will pilot an inclusion of Shambhala Meditation—a simple and profound instruction for exploring the essence of meditation. In traditional shamatha practice, we train ourselves to be settled in the object of meditation. In Shambhala Meditation, WE ARE the object of meditation. Using our senses, we gently rest our attention on what … Continue 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Norma Harris

Stress is a part of life. But stress that is unregulated can interfere with health, prevent recovery from sickness, and rob us of energy and feelings of well-being.  This is an 8 week program beginning on October 2 with a free introductory class on September 25th.

Children’s Programs at the Atlanta Shambhala Center

Through nature, music, art, movement, and interacting with each other, children explore through their senses, developing trust in their own experience of basic goodness.